Imagine yourself in the grandeur and splendor of the Lavelle Collection that brings the influence of Regal French to life with traditional Old World carvings, scallop shaped pieces, and an antiqued white finish called Blanc. Luxurious upholstery is complemented by hand carved occasional tables with antique hardware and genuine Swarovski crystals. The Lavelle Collection boasts a classic French look with a couture twist. Birch solids is used in the collection because of its close grains, and satiny texture, which beautifully showcases the unique finish.

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list-loznice-lavelle-6844.jpg Bedrooms list-luxusni-nabytek-jidelna-lavelle-6845.jpg Dining Rooms list-luxusni-nabytek-skrine-a-tv-nabytek-lavelle-6846.jpg Entertainment Units list-luxusni-nabytek-lavelle-do-obyvacich-pokoju-6847.jpg Living Rooms list-luxusni-konferencni-stolky-6848.jpg Occasional Tables