Palace Gates - Royal Sable

The formal elegance and graceful tradition of the Palace Gates Collection are  ashioned with today’s lifestyles and families in mind. Intricate spindle work, captivating carvings and stately moldings are proportioned and fitted for smaller footprints, conveying an exquisite  pulence that is well received in any room or home. Lush fabrics in jewel tones and shades of gold marry tastefully with Palace Gates’ rich, warm finishes, defining a cultivated, refined aesthetic for
discriminating tastes, most especially lovers of artful, European traditions. With two discerning minds, two distinct vantage points, and two discriminating artistic perspectives, Michael Amini and Jane Seymour have teamed up in a design collaboration to create a singular vision that takes home furnishings to the next level. Palace Gates upholstery embodies the refinement of European traditions with styles that bespeak old wealth and high station without need for ostentation.
Sensuous shapes and luxurious fabrics with a sense of history inspire a beautiful translation of romance. A mix of textures, and the rich tones can be found in each and every piece. Tufted leather, and multiple accent pillows artfully arranged give a true sense of refined style, while providing added seating and comfort. The rich Royal Sable finish, and hand carved detail show off the birch solids and cherry veneers that are used throughout the collection. Beautiful carvings and sweeping lines, the handcarved lion's paw feet and shell motif design harmonize with each other, and are accented by antiqued brass hardware, that highlight the design, detail and style. Palace Gates draws on the influence of classic European architecture and the collaborative effort of Jane Seymour and Michael Amini.

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