Profile 2BLUXURY

Company profile – 2BLuxury

2BLuxury was founded at the beginning of 2011 for importation and  sale of a luxury traditional furniture and interior accessoriesfrom the USA. In the spring the same year the company participated in a very innovative project device luxury villa in the Prague - Troja , the building from the late 18th century for an unnamed foreign client.

In the summer of 2011, expressed interest in cooperation in other very important clients and the 2BLuxury company has successively decided to make a very significant cooperation with the most  luxury company of its kind in the U.S., the company AICO - Amini Innovation Corp.

The company was founded by famous American designer Michael Amini who his company renowned by collections of luxury traditional furniture. A large share of success also has a collaboration with a major American star-actress Jane Seymour. Thanks to the very strong and dynamic cooperation Jane and Michael have created a fascinating and very popular clientele fantastic collection, which includes Hollywood Swank, Palace Gates - Royal Sable or the last collection of newly-introduced Beverly Blvd.

In the autumn of 2011 the company was invited by management  AICO  to take part in the largest and most prestigious exhibitions of luxury furniture and interior in North Carolina in High Point  where the company AICO has  one of his greatest very attractive showroom. They were joined not only the entire leadership of the company AICO, but the big surprise was the participation of Michael  Amini and still charming Jane Seymour. After a very pleasant day spent with the management company and stars AICO was arranged very significant cooperation the exclusive distributor for the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Followed the 2Bluxury company showroom  has got a very fundamental and fascinating changes in the interior and started cooperation with other trading partners - resellers throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic.

At present the company participates in a number of very interesting and important projects, among which is like our front embassies, palaces, castles and residences, hotels, restaurants, luxury offices, also cooperates with developers, real estate companies, PR agencies, the leading publisher of luxury magazines interiors but also with a very renowned Czech and foreign architects.