Bella Veneto - /New/

Very succesfull collection Bella Veneto from Michael Amini. Discover elegance in every curve of the CBella Veneto Collection. From the graceful lines of its. Deep carvings to the crowning feature of its marble cameo, every inch of Bella Veneto exudes a stately presence with its rich and inviting Cognac finish. Inspired by Mediterranean romance, Bella Veneto brings about emotions of warmth and intimacy. Luscious fabrics are used to create truly magnificent living interiors. The selection of fabric and patterns harmoniously blend to add a designer touch to your home. Searching the world for inspiration, Michael Amini works wood, metal, glass, and stone with sumptuous fabrics. The Bella Veneto Collection is beautifully crafted from American Poplar with Cherry and Birch Mapa veneers. Intricate lines, wonderful carvings, and gold accents harmoniously tie together to evoke a sense of romance and splendor.

Collection Bella Veneto offering the furniture for bedrooms and dinning rooms mean while.

More about the products and prices is comming soon.

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list-4-piece-bella-veneto-sleigh-bedroom-set-13589.jpg Bedrooms Bella Veneto list-bella-veneto-formal-dining-set-aico-9051002-13590.jpg Dinning Rooms Bella Veneto